Steven R Fox

Steven R. Fox brings the title “counselor” back to the legal profession.  His clients quickly recognize that they need more than legal advice – they need business and personal guidance during a time of financial crisis.  Although Mr. Fox limits his legal practice to bankruptcy and reorganization matters, he frequently counsels business owners on how to avoid bankruptcy court proceedings and, instead, use other strategies to turn their businesses around and make them prosper.  It is also not unusual for the media to seek out his opinions on reorganization and bankruptcy topics.

Mr. Fox has counseled businesses and individuals facing financial challenges since 1988.  He is highly experienced in the complex areas of bankruptcy law and Chapter 11 Reorganization.  Reorganization is not simply a group of statutes.  Reorganization calls for understanding the rhythms of businesses, understanding why creditors do what they do, identifying strategies which either frustrate the goals and aims of creditors who seek to harm the debtor businesses or strategies which allow debtor businesses and their creditors to prosper, understanding why other players in the bankruptcy arena act in certain ways and getting the judges to yes.

Most attorneys practicing in chapter 11 believe that chapter 11 is simply a legal process and that if they, the attorneys, can resolve legalissues in chapter 11 that will solve the problems which lead to the chapter 11 cases.  That is what attorneys are taught in law school.  That thinking is wrong.  Companies do not file chapter 11 because they need a legal solution so much as the business has serious problems, financial problems, leadership problems, etc.  Once those problems are addressed, then solving the problems unique to chapter 11 become much easier.

As the principal of The Law Offices of Steven R. Fox, Mr. Fox represents businesses and individuals in and out of court in all aspects of the insolvency and reorganization process, including—

  • Chapter 11 business reorganization cases representing debtors throughout the United States.
  • Creditor representation in all bankruptcy chapters throughout the United States.
  • Representing debtors and creditors in involuntary bankruptcy cases throughout the United States.
  • Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy cases representing debtors and creditors.

Mr. Fox is active in professional organizations relevant to his practice and is a leader in legal community.  He chairs the Bankruptcy Section of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association where he is known for presenting timely and compelling programming.  He is a member of the Los Angeles Bankruptcy Forum, the American Bankruptcy Institute and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.  In the early 2000s, recognizing a need for new attorneys practicing consumer bankruptcy law to have a forum to learn and to grow in their field, Mr. Fox became one of the founders of the Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association in Los Angeles.

As a busy reorganization counselor and lawyer, Mr. Fox successfully confirms Chapter 11 plans of reorganization and works with companies and individuals on out of court business turnarounds and restructures.

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