Businesses: We only recommend bankruptcy when it is the best solution.

Creditors: Sometimes you fight to get paid.

Litigation: Bankruptcy litigation by experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

The Fox Law Corporation

About Us

The Fox Law Corporation, Inc. was incorporated in 2017. Prior to that, Law Offices of Steven R. Fox started in 1994. Steve Fox has practiced bankruptcy – and related matters – solely since 1988. We do not practice in the state courts. When a state court matter gets sent into the federal bankruptcy court, then we step in. We have been busy and financially successful over the past ten years when most attorneys practicing bankruptcy fled this area of law due to lack of business.


Chapter 11

The Fox Law Corporation works for success in a chapter 11 reorganization through a business reorganization. It is more than “just” applying the legal statutes and rules and filling out forms. A businesses’ failure is often caused by leadership failures and management failures. The Fox Law uses the chapter 11 as a “safe haven” to improve leadership skills and outlook, improve management systems, as well as using the legal tools within the chapter 11 to create a financially healthier business.




If one of your customers or clients is headed towards bankruptcy, then your business and your future are in trouble. The Fox Law can advise you about your options and try to put your business in a stronger and more strategic position. We help you define your strategies and fight along-side you in the bankruptcy arena.


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Bankruptcy Litigation

If you enter the bankruptcy litigation arena, have an experienced team on your side. The Fox Law has over 30 years of this experience and knowledge. Our cases go beyond Los Angeles and the other 49 states. We represent companies headquartered in Asia and Europe in cases heard within the USA.




Debtor’s Counsel

Whether considering a chapter 7 or a chapter 11, your decision needs to be based on experienced bankruptcy counsel. The Fox Law does not recommend bankruptcy unless it is the best solution. Careful planning is required for your business and its officers. Sometimes a client will ask for counsel on bankruptcy issues without filing a bankruptcy. The discussions about alternatives or negotiation terms with respect to bankruptcy can save money and stress.


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Bankruptcy Appeals

The Fox Law Corporation handles bankruptcy appeals in the 9th circuit and in other circuits. We understand the different legal skills that are necessary when handling an appeal as opposed to a regular bankruptcy court trial. Because of our extensive experience at the appellate trial court level, a good understanding of litigation, and a strong academic background Fox Law is an ideal firm to help you with your appeal whether you are taking the appeal or defending on the appeal.



A business with financial challenges may need court protection to restructure debt and survive.


Steven R. Fox brings over three decades of reorganization and bankruptcy experience to your case.

Plan For Success

Learn how to get in and get out of bankruptcy.  Every successful case starts with an exit strategy.

Steven R. Fox has over three decades of reorganization experience.

The Fox Law Corporation is a small bankruptcy firm with a depth of cases and information.

The Fox Law Corporation, Inc.

Bankruptcy & Related Matters

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