Creditor Representation

Creditor Representation

If one of your customers or clients owes your business money and it is headed towards bankruptcy, then your money and you are in trouble. The Fox Law Corporation can advise you about your options, what to do and what not to do, and put your business in a more strategic position for the pending bankruptcy case. We’ll help you define your goals, your strategies and we will fight alongside you in the bankruptcy arena.

creditor representation

$300,000,000 Gambling Debts

Steven Fox represented European casinos in the chapter 11 case of an individual who owed $300,000,000.00 [$300 million USD] to his creditors, largely to casinos around the world.  Leading the bankruptcy side of the legal team, Steven Fox worked with the bankruptcy trustee and others to locate assets.  Giving unique legal arguments, Steven Fox convinced the bankruptcy court that (1) his clients had unique claims that they could pursue globally despite the bankruptcy case; and, (2) that his clients would act as “roving ambassadors” for the bankruptcy trustee.  Steven Fox helped take down a dirty bank that was laundering the debtor’s monies through false bank accounts and located a secreted high-end luxury car dealership that the debtor was trying to hide from creditors.  In the end, Steven Fox recovered approximately half of his clients were owed. In contrast, the bankruptcy trustee paid about 10 cents on the dollar to the other creditors.

Steven R. Fox has over three decades of reorganization experience.

The Fox Law Corporation is a bankruptcy firm with a depth of cases and information.

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