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— Ken from Tennessee

“Good afternoon, Steve

It has been a long difficult road we have traveled together. It has often been filled with strong emotions, good and bad. We had creditors who were very unreasonable and who lost sight of the goal and purpose of this chapter 11 reorganization. I was often quite frustrated with the process, with creditors, with the expense, and with the simple fact that one of my companies was in bankruptcy and sometimes with you. I am happy to close this chapter of “active” proceedings.

I know I have not always been easy to work with. I am often too stubborn for my own good. I can wear my emotions on my sleeve, which can make navigating a situation more difficult. I sometimes had priorities that did not align with yours or the needs of the case. I know that, at times, I am a handful.

Thank you for staying dedicated to ensuring our company made it successfully through the chapter 11 proceedings. Thank you for putting up with me in my difficult moments. Thank you for all the hours, though, and effort you put into this case. Thank you for always being candid and for being so transparent.

I hope this case was of value to you beyond the financial aspect. I know I learned a tremendous amount through the process. I am certain it was not a “run of the mill” case for you.

Steve, I appreciate you and all you have done for my company and for me and my family, including Kurt.”


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