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As a child, I visited my father’s medical practice frequently.  I was struck by the attention which my father made sure that both he and his staff gave to their patients.  People were listened to, people’s opinions and thoughts were validated and my father used to remind me that he was in the people business.  This made a huge impression on me.  At the Law Offices of Steven R. Fox, we try to do the same thing.  We listen and we give time and attention to our clients.  It is my experience that too many attorneys do not have the time to listen.  That is too bad; there is a lot to hear. –Steven R. Fox

Located in Encino, California, the Law Offices of Steven R. Fox maintains a client-centered, friendly atmosphere and puts the needs of its clients first.  We focus on the things that make your case a success.


Daniel Park, Esq. is an associate attorney of the firm.  He speaks Korean and is active in the Korean bar associations.  Mr. Park had an extensive background in industry prior to becoming an attorney.  He has good experience in chapter 11 reorganization matters and in bankruptcy litigation.  Mr. Park’s experience includes extensive work on real estate lien avoidance issues.  His legal work on behalf of a client of the firm lead to the invalidation of a deed of trust against a condominium complex building which was a critical part of a successful reorganization case.


Sandy Cuevas is the firm’s bookkeeper and principal contact for reorganization clients for financial reporting matters.  She has years of experience working in the construction industry and brings the knowledge from those years to her work with clients in prepare mandatory financial reports in chapter 11 reorganization cases.